Bec Failla - My Reason to Ride

30 May 2013 9:40 AMRebecca Failla

My Reason to Ride is simple - to raise money for Cancer Research. And the place where that research takes place is Peter Mac. If you live in Victoria, this place is something that most people have heard of. And if you live outside of Victoria, chances are you have still heard of it!

Peter Mac is a public hospital that specialises in the treatment of Cancer. One whole big hospital, dedicated to trying to treat those who are suffering from this life threatening disease. Once whole big building trying to find a reason not to exist!

I remember when I first stepped foot into Peter Mac. There was no emergency department. There was no fancy entrance that I saw. It was very plain and very boring. We made our way to Level 2 (for memory) where we were there to visit Vince. This would be the first of many visits.

It has been just over 5 years since Cancer became a word that made my heart ache. I had known people in the past who had cancer, I had known people in the past who had died of cancer. I was either too young or too distant to know what it really meant. But on June 20, 2007 at 4:49pm, this word became a word that would forever break my heart.

This was the moment that my brother-in-law picked up the phone, pushed the numbers to call his little brother and tell him that he had Cancer. It was kidney cancer, that had spread to his lymph nodes and it didn't look good. The doctors had told him (I'm sure in their very sensitive bedside manor) to go home and prepare to die. Through a very blurred conversation there is 2 things I will never forget. The moment Mello dropped to his knees sobbing and the one question Vince had for me - "What will I tell Mum?"
By all calculations, Vince should not have been around to celebrate Christmas in 2007.

But because of Peter Mac, he will be here to celebrate Christmas in 2012 ... and probably in 2052 knowing Vince!

First it began as fight to support my Brother-In-Law in the fight of his life.
Then it began as a Fight to support my husband and the rest of his family as Vince put in the fight of his life.

Now, it is Fighting Back - to try and Conquer Cancer.

I am doing this ride for Vince and for Peter Mac to say Thank You.

Thank You to Peter Mac for saving him.

Thank you to Vince for putting up with the Chemo, the operations, the mental fight and the physical fight.