CHCH Morning Live Show - Toronto 7th June

26 May 2012 1:34 PMKlaus Bartosch

I have been invited, with my bike gear to appear on the Toronto CHCH Morning Live Show on 7th June, 14 hours after I land in Toronto.

I am due at the studio the morning of the 7th June in my bike gear, to talk about why I have travelled half way around the world to participate in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer. 260 klms over 2 days.


I will have landed only 14 hours earlier after spending 17.5 hours in a plane and some further 6 hours travelling and waiting in airports.


You all know why I am doing this. a) To raise money for cancer research which take too many of our friends, family and colleagues every year. b) to improve my personal fitness, but c) to raise awarness amongst as many people as I can that we can all contribute to stopping this disease and therefore to invite as many people is I can into either sponsoring my efforts, my teams efforts or joining us on this crusade.


T-11 days before I leave for Canada.