Shock News - Team Captain diagnosed with Leukaemia 3 days before Sydney RTCC

17 Oct 2013 10:36 PMKlaus BartoschShock News - Team Captain diagnosed with Leukaemia 3 days before Sydney RTCC

Vision Crusaders Grand Slam team captain and the man with the dream to completing all 6 Rides to Conquer Cancer event in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Adelaide was unexpectedly diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia just 3 days before the team completed their second RTCC event. This amazing team has raised $175,000 towards Cancer Research so far in support of completing the Grand Slam.

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Grand Slammers on Ten News

8 Aug 2013 12:47 PMSupport PersonGrand Slammers on Ten News

Each year, thousands of cyclists take part in the Ride to Conquer Cancer.. but not one of them has ever done six charity rides in a year. But that's the aim of a group of Queenslanders who are calling in some big names to help.

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A very personal blog - following some bad news

21 Jul 2013 5:22 PMKlaus Bartosch

This is a very personal Facebook post by the Vision Crusaders Team Captain, who has consented to have it shared here. It was prompted by some bad news. Please take the time to read it and feel free to share. It's important.

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Bec Failla - My Reason to Ride

30 May 2013 9:40 AMRebecca Failla

My Reason to Ride is simple - to raise money for Cancer Research. And the place where that research takes place is Peter Mac. If you live in Victoria, this place is something that most people have heard of. And if you live outside of Victoria, chances are you have still heard of it!

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Klaus Interviewed by Dr Ross Walker on 2UE

6 May 2013 3:48 PMJohn Mitchell

2UE Interview with team captain, Klaus Bartosch on the Healthy Living Show with Dr Ross Walker in April 2013, talking about the Vision Crusader's "Grand Slam" and why these Rides to Conquer Cancer are so important to everyone.

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